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Choosing the right home and business alarm system

Choosing the right home and business alarm system

Security means more than just a camera or a locked door. With increased number of crimes and burglaries , a comprehensive security system is required to keep your home and business secure. Installing security system is essential for avoiding unwanted intruders to your property or even your business assets- including computers, inventory and customer data.

On an average a burglary happens in every 15 seconds. So how can you protect your loved ones and valuables?

With so many systems available in the market and with so many factors to consider, we have put together some key suggestions for your home and business safety.

Home Security System- How to choose?

Customizable to Budget- There are different options from alarms on doors and windows to complex security system with cameras, 24/7 monitoring and even flood detectors that you can choose from.

Family Need - If you have pets, system can be designed to reduce false alarms due to their movement. Companies can also offer panic buttons for anyone living elderly in the family. You also get solar -powered options to minimize environmental affect.

Typically a home security system will include

1. Control Panel- It communicates with each installed component of the system. As in when the security is breached it generates the alarm.

2. Doors and Window-sensors- Comprised of two parts fitted adjacent to each other.

3. Interior and exterior motion sensors - They protect a given space by creating an invisible area which cannot be breaced with generating the alarm. Usually they are used to protect valuable assets and less frequently visited area.

4. Wireless or wired security cameras - Surveillance cameras are mostly used for distant areas of the property, remote areas like garages, workshop etc.

5. High decibel siren- Loud enough to notify others if any burglars enter the property, it can alert people around.

6. Yard sign and window stickers - Simply having the sticker placed in your window or in your front yard- telling burglars that house secured and not a good choice for any burglary attempt.

Business Security Alarm- How to choose?

The type of security system required is clearly defined by the type of the business, for e.g.. A jewelry store will have different security need than software company business.

A reputed security alarm company will first do a survey site before they provide any security system or any alarm system.

1. First, business owner needs to find out how the system will be connected. Find out how the alarm system will communicate with the centralized monitoring system.

2. The system should be able to monitor the main entrances including the windows and other ways in case of any burglar trying to enter the premises.

3. Small business should also inquire about the access codes. Should you be assigning individual security code to your employees? Well,as an employer you should have the ability to change the passcode for any changes in future.

4. You should be aware of how the alarm gets triggered. Also check if you could find the origin of the alarm so that in case of any accidental disruption or confirmed burglaries, one can clearly distinguish and reduce the chances of such sort of occurrences again.

5. Alarm system costs- Find out what's the actual cost at the first installation and if there is any maintenance charge or fees assigned to update your system or change password as technology advances with time.

6. Choosing the Supplier- Choosing the right supplier is key. Look for a supplier whom you can work with long term. All security systems and workmanship should be approved for any police and insurance cases. Supplier should provide you with a quote after the site survey including installation, business alarms, key holding, monitoring cost. Once installed , supplier should do demo for you and your employees. Don't take a risk of legal issues by purchasing system from companies that are not licensed., so do your homework well.

7. Alarm Installation- If you are renting or leasing a property, check with the owner or the authority person before moving with the installation. You might end up paying penalties for neglecting terms on your property agreement.

8. Portable sensors- These can be easily moved and placed where high value asset is stored.

While security system could cost you a fortune but its worth investing as the return is immeasurable. By getting the right alarm system you are taking the risk out of protecting your loved ones and your hard earned business



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