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False alarm prevention

False Alarm Prevention

False alarms going off can create headaches for both neighbors and the law enforcement agencies. However, with the latest technology safety alarm systems, all this could be a thing of the past. Today security alarm systems come with specialized software to reduce false alarms. While the software may help you, it is also important that you take preventative steps when using your safety alarm system, to play your part in reducing false alarms.

One of the first things that you need to do before you activate your alarm system is to ensure that you have locked all the protected windows and doors. Secondly, you should make sure those things such as plants, heaters, fans, balloons, and pets away from the motion sensor's radar. Any movement of these could trigger a false alarm.

Everyone in your home should be trained in using the security alarm system correctly. For instance, if you are planning to install a fire alarm system in your home, make sure that you get to know all of the settings and features, in detail from the technicians who come to install it. Remember, whether it is commercial alarm systems or home security alarm systems, it is important that you are thoroughly trained in how to operate the system.

As part of the training, your technician should share false alarm prevention methods. You should also get to know about the alarm billing software and how it works, and what fees are involved if a false alarm is triggered. Similarly, you should also have an idea about the false alarm program in your area. False alarm tracking is about getting to know the working mechanism of the security system. While you need not know the technology behind the alarm monitoring mechanism and the alarm tracking and billing software, it helps if you know at least the basics.

FAMS is a turnkey managed solution to meet the goals and objectives of police/fire departments in enforcing the alarm ordinance. It is an end-to-end solution for alarm tracking, billing and collection that addresses false alarm issues, billing as per the mandate and timely collection of renewal fees, fines, and other payments, thereby increasing city revenue. We don't install any kind of hardware like the fire alarm or burglar alarm at citizen's place.

False alarms are a serious matter. They can mask real distress signals. The Division of Aeronautics treats every ELT incident as an emergency until it is determined to be otherwise and will initiate our search procedures. A search is always an emergency. Searching for false ELT signals depletes limited private funds, state funds (your Airman Registration fees), federal funds (Civil Air Patrol) and other resources reserved to search for missing or downed aircraft or airmen.

You should immediately contact your security company if you find that something is wrong with the alarm system. If you are planning to remodel your home, you should inform the security company so that they can plan the installation of the system in a different place. It is also important that you check and service your security alarm system regularly. A properly maintained security alarm system can be your best ally, and you will never need to worry about false alarms going off.

Here's a video on how to avoid false security alarm:


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