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Home and business safety tips for all

Home and business safety tips for all

Crime rises every day, and with tough economic times more and more people are looking for ways to make ends meet and burglary is often thought of as a victimless crime with a thief's mentality being 'they have insurance' without any thought for the psychological impact of having your belongings taken as well as the inconvenience and the anguish if any of the items taken are irreplaceable. Therefore home, and business, owners need to be smart about protecting their property to avoid being targeted.

Burglary and Mischief of personal and business valuables is one of the escalating worries nowadays. Installation of a home and business security system is no more a choice but a requirement so that safety and peace of mind are ensured.

Here are some Home and business safety tips for all:

Lock It - It may seem like a simple thing, but many people become complacent about security particularly if they are just popping down to the shops for a few minutes, but a few minutes is all the burglar needs to grab your prized possessions, and many burglaries are opportunistic events so don't make it easy for them, close and lock all doors and windows when no one is home. The few minutes it takes can save many hours of heartache.

Lighting - Particularly for business premises having good security lighting is essential to keeping the building safe. Ensure your security lighting is placed around the entire perimeter of the building not just by the doors and windows, this will serve as a deterrent. Lighting at your home is also essential and consider placing additional lights not only at the front and rear of your home but on the sides too.

Alarm - Installing a burglar alarm is one of the best deterrents you can have. No burglar wants his work announced to the entire neighborhood via a loud and obnoxious alarm sounding, particularly if your neighbors are aware that you are away on annual holidays etc. Placing warning stickers on your windows will further deter a would-be burglar, it's not worth their risk, they'll move to an easier target.

Monitoring - After you install your burglar alarm consider having it monitored by a professional monitoring service. A burglar alarm monitoring service offers you not only the deterrent of an alarm but also the peace of mind that should it not be functioning correctly or that it has been disarmed at an unusual time that the monitoring service will be able to react immediately to ascertain whether it's a genuine reason or if there is tampering. Remember not all burglaries are carried out by strangers - disgruntled current or ex-employees may also target your business, or pass on your details to their mates. The monitoring company employees are trained professionals who hold security licenses and are trained to deal with circumstances where security may have been breached and therefore not only are you protecting the safety of your home and your business but also possibly yourself.

Points of Entry & Exit -Make sure these points are well secured. Are the windows shatterproof? Also are the doors sturdy and resistant to force. What is the quality of the installed locks?

Visibility -By this we mean are there are hiding places where an intruder can hide out of sight. Is there shrubbery or signage that cover the intruders from the CCTV security cameras or security guards then you need to take care of it.

Perimeter Security -Can you install fencing or a patrol guard?

Background Checks -Make sure that you conduct background checks on all the new candidates.

Visitors -Ensure that the visitors are monitored and are not allowed into restricted areas. Have visitor badges and encourage employees to ask strangers questions if they are observed walking through the building.

Another way to protect your details is to use a separate phone line strictly for your business use. These can be extremely cheap to run and can prove a great way to keep your work life and family life separate by giving off a professional look at all times. It is also a good idea to use a professional business email address, rather than simply using your address for all circumstances.

To keep your home more secure you can make use of many structural measures including fencing that will help deter intruders. These do not just apply to home businesses but are useful for all homes and businesses. Other measures may also include dogs and one-way viewing glass in doors.

The more dependable means to assure security and serenity for the homeowner is to put in a home and business security system. Once you have taken up this initial all important step you will be more at ease and a lot more secure when outside from your business.


Mark Kendrick

Mark is a happily married Father of 2. He loves technology and working on computer. He is also a businessman.

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